Thursday, 11 August 2016

Necklace of pearls

Not exactly.

But they did admirably solve the banging of the buoy against the hull.

Must remeber to take them back in when I cast off tomorrow morning.

Forecast is 3 gusting 5 from the west, sunny to begin and worsening as the day wears on.

So on the tail the whole way. Objective is to turn the Mixtow shoals before the tide turns in Swansea at 1329 tomorrow. If I can manage an average of 4 knots and cast off no later than 0600, we should be okay.

Thinking about starting an hour earlier. Low water is just after 0700 in Tenby tomorow, but the tide in Carmarthen Bay is negligible, at least against what well potentially face once we cross it. It is a big lump of water though, so will take a couple of hours to cross.

Looking forward to it all. Not without some degree of trepidation however.

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