Friday, 5 August 2016


The forecast for next week, as it currently stands.

I had my heart set on Lundy, Appledore and Clovelly when I first started thinking about this trip. Appledore is definitely out, any kind of a northwest makes Bideford Bar at the entrance to the river dangerous, and I don't know the area.

I'd considered Lundy as a first stop, on way to wherever we'd thought of for second. But heavy winds at the beginning of the week make that questionable, especially as they then shift into the north west. The Lundy anchorage is very sheltered from the prevailing south-westerlies, but I'm sure when talking to a friend recently after racing at Frampton, he mentioned the Lundy anchorage was uncomfortable once the wind moved into the north west and positively uncertain if it veered any more than that.

I suspect Clovelly is probably a no go if the wind has north and west in it. That whole area becomes a big lee shore.

So it looks like Tenby, and perhaps Saundersfoot. Maybe then over to Milford Haven, but I can't help but worry that's a little over ambitious for our first time out unsupervised. And I've promised to have the boat back in Swansea for Dad on Friday. Perhaps we'll come back to Swansea via Ilfracombe on Thursday evening. I think Nik would like Ilfracombe.

And I didn't say to Dad what time Friday we'd be back!

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