Saturday, 27 August 2016

Family outing

Sat on the mud in Watchet Marina, 2349hrs, about to have supper. Late start tomorrow, depart for Cardiff at 1400.

Enjoyed having both Dad and Nik aboard for the trip up from Swansea this morning. A 44nm beat into a stiff easterly with wind over tide, an unforgiving tidal gate and an enforced late start, I confess we motor-sailed the whole distance.

It was quite wet, but we averaged just short of 6kts, and made it in just over seven hours.

Lydney friends aboard New Dawn came in on the ebb. We went out for a beer, had a lovely evening out with Hedley and crew plus a few other boats that came over with them.

Now sat eating a late super of salami, humus and olives with Nik and Dad, drinking more beer and reading.

Life is good.

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