Tuesday, 15 September 2015


This morning we made the heavy decision to put Buster to sleep. The lovely, shaggy giant had been failing for a while; nearly fourteen years, his back legs were beginning to go, and this morning he couldn't get up.

We were with him to the end, as he slipped away peacefully in our arms.

He'd been with us since 2012. Three and a half years, that feel in many ways like a lifetime. He was our first "failed foster" and, in turn helped us care for countless foster dogs that have been through our home on the way to new homes and families of their own in the years since.

And some of the others that, like him, stayed.

He was always especially fond of the youngsters in particular.

It's been our privilege to have had the chance to share our lives with him.

He's going to be terribly missed.

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