Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Morning calm, the Seafront at Clevedon

Normally standing off the shore looking on, this morning was stood on shore looking off for a few peaceful moments whilst waiting for the sail-maker to arrive at his loft so that I could retrieve the genoa from him.

Dick Hannaford of R&J Sails is a very helpful, obliging, lovely man and a fine craftsman. We're very lucky to have him so local to us. That's twice now he's helped me out at very short notice and saved the following weekend's sailing.

Although not visible in the picture above, there was a chap swimming over by the pier. Despite the slight chill of even a sunny English morning, and the definite chill of the water, I quite envied him. Sure, there is a slight tannin hue to the waters of the Bristol Channel this far up. But I'm sure a little bit of silt never hurt anyone.

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