Friday, 19 June 2015


To the lady that pulled out on me on the roundabout whilst I was driving to the office this morning.

Just because I've got the manners and patience to pause and let the car out in front of you as the line of traffic in front of me slows momentarily, doesn't mean that you then have any right of way to barge out in front of me as well. Although having done so, my having pulled to a stop because I'd seen out of the corner of my eye it was coming, and your having screeched to a panicked halt athwart my path, the appropriate response would be an embarrassed smile and an apologetic wave before you move on.

Much better for both your blood pressure and dignity than ranting incoherently at me through your open door window. The morning is warm, but my car is air conditioned, so my windows are closed, and I'm too busy chuckling at your silly mistake and our fortuitously near miss to be able to concentrate on lip-reading, so your impassioned rebuke is quite lost on me.

Probably for the best. Life is too short. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful morning.

I wish you well. I hope the rest of your journey passed in calm and safety. I hope you have a fine day, and enjoy a lovely weekend to follow.

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