Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hello BST

With the clocks leaping forward an hour, Wednesday evening racing starts at Frampton again tomorrow evening. Ben's home from Uni. Wonder if it might be worth a return match?

The forecast is only a F5 gusting 7, which compared to the 7 gusting 9 of Sunday seems tame enough. Could be quite good fun. And if we were a little rusty to start with on Sunday, I think we can say we're definitely back in practice again now. Though back in practice at what might remain something of a question.

Only possible catch is that it's my birthday tomorrow. Which you'd think would be the perfect excuse, as being my birthday I should be able to do whatever it is I want to do most.

Which, I suspect, according to my long suffering, eternally patient wife, will be to spend it with my family. All of my family. Not just the ones I can fit aboard Buffy and are daft enough to want to sail with me in a gale.

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