Saturday, 7 March 2015


Soundchecked, on in forty minutes. Spent the day teaching folks how to handle the club safety boats, feeling just a little bit knackered, but sure I'll pick up once we start playing.

Racing Buffy tomorrow with Hels. Been neglecting her of late. Buffy, that is, not Hels.

And truth be told, much as I'm looking forwards to sailing the Ent, and the comfort of the familiar, not to mention the company of old friends, I'm looking forward to the trip over to Cardiff next weekend so much more.

The exam last Thursday went about as expected. I think I'm probably done with the whole RYA Day Skipper / Coastal / Yacht Master thing for now. If the last sixteen weeks are a guide to how it goes, I think I'm better off picking my own path.

The subject was great. Who doesn't like pouring over charts and talking about sailing? But the structure, format and delivery has been horribly frustrating. You couldn't pay me to put myself through that again.

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