Friday, 6 February 2015

Always wear protection

Having now lost two Sony Xperias to the rigours of sailing over the course of my current contract, I've invested in a shock-proof, splash-proof case.

It unfortunately makes it impossible to set the phone in its charging dock when in use, so I only intend to use it whilst actually sailing. And it's not waterproof because of the flimsy flap they provide for the USB port, but it's better than nothing I reckon.

Having overslept twice now this week, though it makes little difference in the working week because it's my habit to get in early and I never oversleep by more than half an hour, I'm now paranoid about oversleeping this weekend.

Not so critical for tomorrow, though getting to Swansea early will give us the best chance of getting the boat checked and prep prepped and still getting a sail in, but it's critical for Sunday, as I need to be at Portishead lock for 7.30 or a) I'll look really bad and b) they'll be obliged to sail without me.

I shouldn't really worry. Oversleep the morning's routine workday alarm by half an hour happens on occasion. But I've never in my life missed a tide or a train or a plane or any such thing through the peril of an over zealous application of the snooze button.

But worry I still do.

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