Friday, 30 January 2015

Whether the weather be fine

Forecast Swansea Bay ( is strongly suggesting tomorrow's trip to the boat might be focused on hunkering down in the cabin and dreaming of better days to come.

The boatyard have said they'll put her back in the water tomorrow morning. Figured we'd head over to Swansea to encourage them to do just that, despite the weather.

Paid a visit to Portishead Cruising Club last Wednesday evening. Lovely bunch of folks. A very nice lady and her husband took pity on me and have invited me out to race with them next Sunday.

Can't wait. Will be fantastic to get afloat again, and it's a great opportunity to see Portishead from the water's perspective before we bring Calstar over. And, of course, an excelent chance to get a taste of racing with the PCC fleet.

No gigs that weekend, so will keep fingers crossed for the weather next Saturday. Maybe we'll finally get the chance to take Calstar out to explore the bay if it's good. That'll make for an entire weekend on the water.

They say you can have too much of a good thing? I say they're wrong.

Unless we're talking about the wind this weekend. A little less would be nice. Not a request I often make, but just this once.

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