Monday, 19 January 2015

Saturday Morning A417

Drove down to London with Dad and my wife Nikki to wander about the London Boat Show on Saturday. The weather on the way down left me kind of glad I'd only just changed the tyres on the car.

That said, it cleared by the time we hit the motorway just past Swindon, and the rest of the trip was beneath blue skies and a sharp, wintry sun.

Funny enough, I think the last time I drove to London (as opposed to travelling as a passenger, which I've done on a number of occasions in the meanwhile without meteorological mishap) it snowed on me.

I should add Dad took the above shot on my phone as I was driving.

The Boat Show was fun. I think Dad particularly enjoyed himself. I brought a logbook for the boat, and a pair of Gill sunglasses for myself. I've really suffered without shades the last year, can't believe it took me this long to do something about it. Dad got himself a fine deal on a new pair of yacht boots.

About half way through the day however, it struck me that Nik hasn't seen our own boat yet. Showing her around all these posh, shiny new Bavarias, Beneteaus, Dehlers, Dufours and the like was perhaps setting her up for a big disappointment when she finally gets to step aboard Calstar.

But I jest. The difference with Calstar, humble as she may seem in comparison, is that she's ours.

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