Monday, 26 January 2015

Hope may spring eternal ....

But windguru mocks the futility of my dreams.

We should get confirmation that the boat is relaunched today. We've got a gig in Bristol Sunday evening, so the only real chance of stepping aboard this coming weekend will be Saturday.

The way the forecast is looking however, the best we'll be able to hope for will be to huddle down in the cabin as she rocks against the marina jetty, in the hope we can get the stove working for the comfort of a mug of tea and bacon butty.

Actually, it's not all bad. The chandlery will be open Saturday, and there's lots we need to be doing aboard to prepare her aside from getting out into the bay to put the sails up.

But I do really, really want to get her sails up.

Such is life. Trying to sail at this time of year is always an exercise in futility, frustration and patient endurance. Every so often the dice roll good however, and the rewards are so worth it.

You never know, maybe the storm will blow through early?

Aside from the gig Sunday evening, we're also meeting friends down on the beach at Brean to walk the dogs on Sunday morning. So even if I don't get to put to sea over the weekend, I shall have pretty much an entire weekend's worth of looking at it.

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