Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Brilliant company, very impressed with their support department.

The GPS on my watch has been resetting itself about three minutes into
any race, which has been very frustrating. It stops the track recording
(but seems to leave GPS draining the battery in the background, but not
reporting that it's still running or giving any information) and, more
importantly, was leaving me lost and guessing as to exactly where I was
in the race time wise because it was resetting the timer.

In a pursuit, the time in can have a big impact on your tactics when
dealing with other boats. Early in the race, you avoid them and go for
speed. Towards the closing stages, you play them off, holding them back
and not letting them pass at any cost. Played right, a slower boat can
make it quite difficult for even a significantly faster boat to get
past, but it comes at a cost to the boat speed of both parties.

I logged a call with their support via their website this morning,
didn't really expect to hear anything back. Within the hour, a guy had
emailed me, asking for further information as to the symptoms,
suggesting a hard reset and providing instructions on how, and a
software update, providing a link to do it.

Always a pleasure when you approach a big, faceless corporation asking
for help and get a swift and effective response from a human being,
rather than an automated response from a robot directing you to more
worthless links on websites you've already spent hours trawling through.

I like dealing with people when I have a problem, not robotic automated
diagnostic systems.

As I said, very impressed.

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