Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Reading

Re-reading Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian. First read it some
years ago; Hels (my crew and co-owner of our Enterprise "Buffy") brought
me a copy as a thank-you after I introduced her to sailing.

On first completing it, for some reason I didn't lay hands on the second
book or carry on through the series, which I think was an opportunity
missed. It was a little while before my first Kindle, so reading
sequentially through a given series of books wasn't so straight forward
back in the day. You actually had to go out and find the book, or order
it from Amazon then wait on the post. None of this "One Touch Ordering"
and instantaneous delivery.

Easy to get distracted into another story along the way, I guess.

With the ease and convenience of a Kindle and Amazon, it's been a while
since I've actually re-read any book. I used to do it all the time,
reading to one end of the figurative bookcase then often starting back
at the beginning if I had nothing new to hand. The house is profusely
littered with paperbacks, they quite drive my wife to distraction.

I should probably do something about that, as they're all now redundant.
I've got at least three different devices I can use as an e-reader, so
even if I drop my mobile on yet another pub floor, I'll only be
temporarily frustrated if I'm far away from home and haven't brought a
backup. In which case, the myriad stacks of books littering my home
won't help me either.

But I find it strangely difficult to part with the books I've read, even
if I've no interest in reading them ever again. It feels oddly like

I am enjoying the O'Brian.

I really want to go sailing though. Which is a little tricky, as Calstar
is sat on the hard in Swansea, Ondine laid up on the drive out the front
of Dad's house, and there's nobody to race Buffy against until Boxing
Day. Oddly, although my elbow was giving me a lot of trouble by Sunday
night (two gigs and a pretty energetic race over the course of the
weekend, I have to admit I'd all but asked for it) it's doing quite well
today; I can hardly feel it.

I'm feeling quite unfestive this year, which could be why Boxing Day
feels like a long way away. Hopefully tomorrow will cure that. Nikki is
cooking, but we're all piling over to Dad's house along with my brother
and his wife to eat. To be honest, I'm not a great fan of turkey, but I
always enjoy the company at Christmas Dinner. We're going to miss Mum,
but it's good that we'll be together.

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