Monday, 15 December 2014

A winter's morning

Pictures from our office car-park as I rolled up to work this morning. I took the Pentax in with me today. Not sure why, just idle opportunism. Perhaps because I'd had it out at the Club yesterday, so it was present in my dawn-bleared mind as I readied to leave for work.

The jackdaws are present all the way through the year, but seem most bullishly active in either the early spring or the fading breath of autumn.

Our landlady, Mrs P, is not a fan. I think she not unfairly resents their bullying, mob-handed nature on behalf of the more delicate, less gregarious birds that grace the surrounds of the mill.

I can sympathise, having never been fond of either mobs or bullies. And I have an inordinate amount of respect for Mrs P and her invariably sound and well-founded opinions. But I think even so, this lot have a certain thuggish charm about them.

I likewise have friends that live by the sea that refer to gulls as "aerial rats" and, again, they have a point. But I can't help but watch a gull hovering on the uplift from the breeze against a quay wall, even as he eyes up my supper of harbour-side fish and chips, and not envy him the grace of his soaring.

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