Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Whether the weather be fine . . .

. . . or whether the weather be not
Weather the weather whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not

We're sailing on Sunday. You can probably tell I'm getting excited. Keep
compulsively checking the forecast now Sunday's within the five day
range. It strikes me this is pretty normal behaviour for me and one of
the reasons I like Wednesdays.

Having been in the pits of landlocked dispair for a quarter of a year
now, I realise now I've lately drifted from the habit. It's funny how
adrift things can seem without certain reliable pivot points in life.
I'm not generally good at routine, I get quickly bored and distracted.
Yet despite that, I seem to subconsciously build little, invisible and
repetative habits out of all manner of things.

So five days out, the forecast is very subject to change. However, it
currently suggests F2 to F3 from the southeast. It's always as shifty as
hell on our lake whenever there's any east in it; too much land in the
way. Add to that the broken sunshine and warming weather, and it gets
even more flukey in both bearing and velocity.

It can be a bit on the frustrating side, but if you accept it for what
it is, and consider that everybody else on the water with you is beset
by the same challenge, it's actually quite good fun.

Bottom line, if the weather comes in on the light side, it could make
for an entertaining day and very much our racing weather. If it comes in
on the heavier side of the forecast, the Lasers will plane, whilst we
won't so much if at all, so we'll get decsiviely rolled by them.

That's assuming I can remember how to rig the boat after all this time.

[The forecasts are from two sources: The good old BBC and - the latter was actually designed for glider pilots
and other light aviation enthusiasts, but is pretty handy for the inland
puddle sailor as well]

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troutbirder said...

I notice we named our GSD the same. Ours was originally abandoned and showed up at the door on Easter...:)