Monday, 17 February 2014

Oportunities missed

Reflecting upon the good works and many miles travelled of the weekend
just gone, and Sunday in particular.

I now can't believe I drove all the way to Cornwall, on one of the very,
very few days this year when the skies have been blue, the winds slight
and the sun shining bright, to Charlestown no less, a lovely little
village with a fascinating harbour on a stretch of some of my favourite
coastline of the Dutchy, in the entire UK in fact, and then didn't pause
to spend a well earned and pleasant half-hour or so in a friendly beer
garden overlooking the beach for a sip of ale and a Cornish pasty in the

Yes, we were only halfway through a 600 mile round trip. Yes we had
promises to keep and miles to go before we could sleep. Though less
woods lovely, dark and deep, and more the scent and promise of sand and sea.

Yes, we didn't get home til gone 10pm and it was only fair we made what
haste we could to get back to relieve Sam (boy_v2) of his dog-sitting
duties. He did good, by the way, so was rewarded by our treating him to

But for the sake of a half hour, I foresook the chance of sitting by my
favourite sea, and instead have to content myself with the memory of the
smell of said sea on a dog's coat (the resident couple of lovely mutts
had just got back from a run on the beach with their tame children when
we arrived to deliver Yogi, their new foster dog)

What a fool am I.

So I'll torment myself further with some photos, above, of the last time
I went to Charlestown in April 2012, albeit by a different, more
leisurely route than the one we took yesterday. That was a fine spring,

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