Saturday, 4 January 2014

I hate computers

The Blue Screen of Death. It's been haunting me all morning. PC won't boot. Which means I can't print the set lists for tonight. Which means I can't print the adoption forms for the family that have come to see Asha today.

Have copies of the adoption forms on their way over from a fellow foster family, so that's in hand.

I vaguely remember a time when we used to write out setlists by hand. Whilst I'm sure I had people that did it for me, it can't be that difficult, so the gig is safe.

Still feel like I've had me right arm cut off, not being able to boot my PC.

Though once upon a time that would have been a total catastrophe, whereas at least these days I can still reach the Internet via my phone.

Funny, the things we get used to.

PC seems to be booting in to Safe Mode okay. May yet be able to salvage this.

Not how I'd planned to spend the day, however. 

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