Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Boo has given up on finding the party. Asha is still young enough to harbour hope for the night yet to come

Boo is ours. We were only supposed to give him a lift cross country to the Rescue.

It was my youngest son Sam's birthday. Boo broke free of the other five we'd picked up and crawled out of the boot (trunk for any trans-Atlantic friends) onto Sam's lap on the back seat.

Three and a half hours later arriving at the Rescue in Devon, it was obvious Boo was staying.

He was our second rescue failure. At three and a half hours, he was our quickest failure. He's also our only non-GSD.

The beautiful Asha is a Carpathian Shepherd cross, and fostered with us.  She's proving hard to home. I can't work out why. Perhaps I should try harder. Five of my own are enough.

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