Monday, 14 May 2012

The Noose

Some more photos from last week's adventure up the Severn for the Newnham Tea Clipper out of Lydney. Most of the shots on the water were taken by Dad aboard Ondine from up at the top of the Noose where the flood tide shoals up and seems to wash back with a vengence from Hock Cliff. Interesting place, and just a little bit scary at times :)

Four paws on the ground makes the muddy slip so much more user friendly

The trailer makes launching and recovering a breeze

Albeit not without a little winching involved

Afloat, Sharpness Dock in the background

The Noose


Shoaling waters

Frampton is somewhere over there

The neck of the Noose ahead

Burying her nose in it; no way to treat a lady!

The relative calm of Newnham and a welcome breakfast

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