Monday, 7 May 2012

Newnham Tea Clipper 2012

0534hrs Quedgeley, Gloucester

0544hrs Sunrise, eastern sky aglow
0557hrs A46, view towards Gloucester

0628hrs Lydney, awaiting the tide
0631hrs Sharpness

0632hrs Lydney, view upriver
0736hrs Lydney, company for the journey
0752hrs Lydney, tide on the flood

0752hrs Lydney, launching 'Ondine'

0759hrs Off Lydney, afloat and away

0810hrs Off Sharpness, no looking back

0810hrs Off Sharpness, company ahead

0838hrs Off Awre, shoaling waters of The Noose
0918hrs Newnham, breakfast well earned
0929hrs Newnham, bragging rights
0939hrs Newnham, patiently awaiting the turn
0941hrs Newnham, welcome stragglers

1021hrs Off Newnham, beneath the church

1025hrs Off Newnham, our brief lead

1303hrs Lydney Yacht Club, reward & restoration
7th May 2012, Newnham Tea Clipper, there and back again

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