Friday, 11 May 2012

Chasing Rainbows

Whilst the wind had died off somewhat by the time we made it to the lake, there was still some life left in the beast, and the accompanying combination of squally showers and low lying sun made for some pretty sailing at times. We spent part of the evening practicing starts and the windward beat against the clock, and the rest of it reaching up and down across the lake like mad silly demented things.

One clumsey gybe saw us tip in and swamp the boat, but plenty enough wind for the bailers to deal with it. Haven't worked out what I'm doing in the gybe to cause the capsize, other than trying it in heavy weather. It's happening a lot however when the wind's up, so need a bit of sustained heavy weather to go out and practice gybing in to see if we can iron out the problem.

Yeah, I know. Any old excuse!

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